Velvet Eccentric

For rebellious dancing at home in your wedding dress.

For the eccentric romantic doing your weekly shop.

For when you want everyday to have that red carpet feeling.

Velvet Eccentric was created out of a yearning for something adventurous and dramatic – slow fashion that doesn’t follow trends, vintage looks that are future heirlooms, wearable art that goes beyond fashion.

Historical and cultural influences abound, from the likes of Joan of Arc and Louis XIV, to Gothic architecture and the opulence of the baroque, film noir and Studio 54. Constantly searching for new materials to explore and manipulate as well as old favorites from Bohemian filigree, ornate brocades, velvet, silks and satin. Even an antique escutcheon can become a new accessory through the alchemical process of finding , designing, making and finishing.

Every piece is handmade in England. Find one as unique as you are and be spellbound forever…..

U.K. Stockist:
Wall and Jones
340 Hackney Rd,
E2 7AX